15 years of experience

About Derrick Dickey

I remember Sunday school as a kid, it makes sense now, but at the time I didn't understand why the story of Samson resonated with me. As I got into working out and then personal training when I got older, I began to realize what real strength is. It's not just about the physical aspect, it's the will and drive inside that pushes you to achieve the physical strength. Strong from the inside out and outside in. It's something they don't teach you in any class. It is experience, it is learned, it is passed down. Samson's strength was God given. We train for ours.

NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA)


4 week programs

Great for beginners or those who want to work month to month. Mens and womens programs available, Track your progress and stats while communicating with your trainer for tips, troubleshooting and whatever you need to achieve your goals.




8 week programs

Great for those looking to step up their game. Take it to the next level and challenge yourself to become something more. Mens and womens programs available. 

$ 100.00

12 week programs

A 3 month transformation. Advanced techniques and the hardest workouts available to turn your physique into a machine. Mens and womens programs available